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ICC Exam Workbook Sample Questions

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66. The capacity of a water supply line to a water supply tank 195 gpm. What is the diameter size in inches for an acceptable overflow pipe?

A. 3 inches
B. 4 inches
C. 5 inches
D. 6 inches

67. What is the minimum required size for water service piping if the maximum development length of the pipe is 80 feet for a building that requires a minimum of 151 water supply fixture unit values (w.s.f.u.)? Service line pressure is 55 psi.

A. 3/4 inch
B. 1 inch
C. 1-1/4 inch
D. 1-1/2 inch
E. 2 inch

68. What is the maximum capacity in cubic feet of gas per hour for schedule 40 metallic pipe 1.25" nominal size, with a run length of 156 feet? The fuel is natural gas with and inlet pressure of less than 2 psi and a pressure drop of 0.5 inches on a water column.

A. 424 cubic feet of gas per hour
B. 322 cubic feet of gas per hour
C. 99 cubic feet of gas per hour
D. 296 cubic feet of gas per hour

69. Trenches for the installation of piping installed parallel to footings must not extend _________________________ of the footing or wall.

A. beneath the edge
B. into the bearing plane
C. below the frost line plane
D. none of these

70. A fixture which is not listed in the code table for determining drainage fixture unit value has a outlet drain size of 1-1/4 inches. What is the value to be used for the drainage fixture unit value of this fixture?

A. 1 drainage fixture unit
B. 2 drainage fixture units
C. 3 drainage fixture units
D. 4 drainage fixture units
E. 5 drainage fixture units

71. Over-rim bath fillers and other fixtures with effective openings not greater than 1 inch in diameter that are close to a wall require a minimum air gap distance in inches of ____________.

A. 1 inch
B. 1-1/2 inches
C. 2-1/2 inches
D. 3 inches
E. Three times the diameter of the effective opening

72. Sewage pumps or ejectors that receive the discharge of water closets must be capable of handling spherical solids with a diameter of up to and including ___________. Exceptions ignored.

A. 1 inches
B. 1-1/2 inches
C. 2 inches
D. 3 inches

73. A 1 1/4 inch schedule 40 metallic pipe natural gas line is 100 feet long. The inlet pressure is 1.8 psi. What is the capacity of gas volume in cubic feet per hour? The fuel is natural gas with and inlet pressure of less than 2 psi and a pressure drop of 0.3 inches on a water column.

A. 167 cubic feet per hour
B. 72 cubic feet per hour
C. 304 cubic feet per hour
D. 858 cubic feet per hour

74. Baptisteries, ornamental and lily pools, aquariums, ornamental fountain basins, swimming pools, and similar constructions, where provided with water supplies, must be protected against _________.

A. backflow
B. pressure buildup
C. overflow
D. water contamination
75. Water service pipe and the building sewer must be separated by 5 feet of undisturbed or compacted earth, but. The required separation distance does not apply where a water service pipe crosses a sewer pipe, provided the water service pipe is sleeved to at least ____________________ horizontally from the sewer pipe centerline on both sides of such crossing with pipe materials listed in Table 605.3, 702.2 or 702.3.

A. 24 inches
B. 12 inches
C. 3 feet
D. 5 feet

76. A fuel gas-fired storage tank-type water heater is installed in a location where water leakage from the tank will cause damage; the tank must be installed in a pan. This pan may not be constructed of ___________.

A. galvanized steel
B. aluminum
C. plastic
D. any of these

77. When a storage tank-type water heater or hot water storage tank are installed in locations where leakage of the tanks will cause damage, the tank or water heater _______________________

A. is in violation of the code
B. needs a drip pan installed under it
C. needs an insulated overcoat to restrict condensation
D. shall have an emergency leak sensing device that cuts off the water supply when triggered.

78. Buried piping must be supported ___________________________.

A. at least every 2 feet
B. at least every 3 feet
C. at least every 6 feet
D. throughout its entire length

79. S traps _________.

A. are not allowed below grade
B. are only allowed below grade
C. can be used under sinks
D. are prohibited

80. Fuel gas piping other than CSST must be considered to be electrically bonded where it is connected to ______________________________.

A. appliances that are connected to the equipment grounding conductor of the circuit supplying that appliance
B. connected to gas piping that is buried or below grade
C. the copper plumbing system of the building
D. none of the above

81. A potable ground water source or pump suction line must not be located less than ____________ feet from a barnyard.

A. 100 feet
B. 200 feet
C. 25 feet
D. 50 feet

82. A sump pit used to eject waste may not be less than __________ in diameter and __________ deep, unless otherwise approved.

A. 18 inches, 24 inches
B. 18 inches, 18 inches
C. 24 inches, 24 inches
D. 24 inches, 18 inches

83. The minimum slope of a 3 inch horizontal drainage pipe is ___________

A. 1/4 inch per foot
B. 1/8 inch per foot
C. 1/16 inch per foot
D. level
84. Anchorage must be provided to restrain drainage piping from _____________________.

A. counter gravitational strain
B. longitudinal stress
C. axial movement
D. none of these

85. Backfill must be free from discarded construction material and debris. Loose earth free from rocks, broken concrete and frozen chunks is to be placed in the trench in 6-inch layers and tamped in place until the crown of the pipe is covered by ____________________ of tamped earth.

A. 12 inches
B. two pipe lengths
C. two pipe diameters
D. and ample amount

86. What is the maximum number of drainage fixture units allowed to discharge into one branch interval of a waste drainage system if the waste stack size is 2 inches?

A. 1 drainage fixture unit
B. 2 drainage fixture units
C. 4 drainage fixture units
D. 16 drainage fixture units
E. No limit

87. Lavatories and other fixtures with effective opening not greater than 1/2 inch in diameter that are away from a wall require a minimum air gap distance of ____________.

A. 1 inches
B. 1-1/2 inches
C. 2 inches
D. 3 inches
E. Two times the diameter of the effective opening

88. Metallic piping, except for cast iron, ductile iron and galvanized steel, may not be placed in direct contact with ____________________________.

A. concrete, steel, wood or gypsum materials.
B. bare earth
C. steel framing members, concrete or cinder walls and floors or other masonry materials
D. inert building materials

89. Sanitary drainage piping and systems that convey only the discharge from _______________ are not required to connect to a public sewer or to a private sewage disposal system provided that the piping or systems are connected to a system in accordance with Chapter 13 or 14 of the IPC.

A. bathtubs, showers, lavatories
B. water closets and bidets
C. kitchen sinks
D. clothes washers and laundry trays
E. A and D

90. How many water closets are required to be installed in ladies room of a church with an occupancy limit of 600 people?

A. 6 lavatories
B. 8 lavatories
C. 10 lavatories
D. 12 lavatories

91. Existing metallic water service piping used for electrical grounding may not be replaced with nonmetallic pipe or tubing _____________________________.

A. unless it is buried in direct contact with earth and ground
B. unless it is a secondary grounding system
C. unless it has a total length of less than 10 feet
D. until other approved means of grounding is provided

92. The maximum horizontal distance from a plumbing fixture to the trap may not exceed ______________ measured from the centerline of the fixture outlet to the centerline of the inlet of the trap. Exceptions ignored.

A. 12 inches
B. 18 inches
C. 24 inches
D. 30 inches (610 mm)

93. What is the maximum distance allowed for a fixture trap from its vent for a 2 inch trap? The slope of the drainage pipe is 1/4 inch per foot.

A. 2 feet
B. 4 feet
C. 6 feet
D. 8 feet
E. 16 feet

94. In a shower, what is the minimum required finished interior wall dimension height above the shower drain outlet? Exceptions ignored.

A. 60 inches
B. 68 inches
C. 70 inches
D. 84 inches

95. What is the required minimum flow rate and flow pressure to be provided to a water closet, flushometer tank?

A. Flow rate 1.6 gpm, Flow Pressure 20 psi
B. Flow rate 25 gpm, Flow Pressure 15 psi
C. Flow rate 5 gpm, Flow Pressure 8 psi
D. Flow rate 6 gpm, Flow Pressure 20 psi

96. The minimum slope of a 6 inch horizontal drainage pipe is ___________.

A. 1/4 inch per foot
B. 1/8 inch per foot
C. 1/16 inch per foot
D. level

97. The developed length of hot or tempered water piping, from the source of hot water to the fixtures that require hot or tempered water, may not exceed ______________. Recirculating system piping and heat-traced piping are considered to be sources of hot or tempered water.

A. 50 feet
B. 150 feet
C. 200 feet
D. 250 feet

98. What is the drainage fixture unit value for a 4 inch fixture drain?

A. 1 drainage fixture unit
B. 3 drainage fixture units
C. 4 drainage fixture units
D. 5 drainage fixture units
E. 6 drainage fixture units

99. The following types of joints and connections are not prohibited:

A. Cement or concrete joints.
B. Solvent-cement joints between different types of plastic pipe.
C. Solvent-cement joints between the same types of plastic pipe.
D. Saddle-type fittings.
E. A B and D

100. A fixture has a discharge rate of 1 gallon per minute to the waste drainage system of a building. What would be the drainage unit fixture value for that fixture?

A. 1 drainage fixture units (dfu)
B. 2 drainage fixture units (dfu)
C. 4 drainage fixture units (dfu)
D. 6 drainage fixture units (dfu)
E. 8 drainage fixture units (dfu)

101. If the water pressure from the street main or other source of supply is insufficient to provide flow pressures at fixture outlets as required by the code ____________________________ must be installed on the building water supply system.

A. the service piping shall be of large enough size to compensate for the insufficient pressure
B. backflow preventers
C. a water pressure booster system
D. none of these

102. Individual shower and tub-shower combination valves must be ___________________ .

A. balanced-pressure valves
B. thermostatic valves
C. combination balanced-pressure/thermostatic valves
D. any of these types are acceptable

103. Whirlpool bathtubs the pump must be located __________ the weir of the fixture trap.

A. below
B. above
C. after
D. none of these

104. Waste receptor standpipes must be individually trapped. Standpipes must extend a minimum of __________ and a maximum of __________ above the trap weir.

A. 18 inches, 42 inches
B. 12 inches, 36 inches
C. 20 inches, 30 inches
D. 18 inches, 36 inches

105. On flushing devices for water closets and urinals, flush tanks must be provided with __________ discharging to the water closet or urinal and sized to prevent flooding the tank at the maximum rate at which the tanks are supplied with water according to the manufacturer’s design conditions.

A. overflows
B. a pressure breaker designed
C. a thermal coupling designed
D. none of these

106. The pan drain serving a water heater drip pan must extend full-size and terminate over a suitably located indirect waste receptor or floor drain or extend to the exterior of the building and terminate not less than ___________ and not more than __________ above the adjacent ground surface.

A. 12 inches, 6 inches
B. 24 inches, 6 inches
C. 24 inches, 24 inches
D. 6 inches, 24 inches

107. What is the maximum flow rate allowed for a sink faucet?

A. 0.5 gpm at 60 psi
B. 2.5 gpm at 80 psi
C. 2.2 gpm at 60 psi
D. 1.5 gpm at 80 psi

108. The supply lines and fittings for every plumbing fixture must be installed so as to prevent _____________.

A. theft
B. vandalism
C. backflow
D. water waste

109. A well used to supply potable water must be provided with a water-tight casing to a minimum distance of _____________ below the ground surface.

A. 10 feet
B. 20 feet
C. 50 feet
D. 100 feet

110. Components of a plumbing system installed along a wall in alleyways, driveways, parking garages or other locations exposed to damage must be __________________ or otherwise protected in an approved manner.

A. encased in 2 inches of concrete
B. constructed of 1/4" stainless steel
C. recessed into the wall
D. marked with black and yellow caution tape

111. The waste from an automatic clothes washer must discharge through _____________ into a standpipe or into a laundry sink.

A. an approved filter
B. an air break
C. a rubber hose
D. a nylon or rubber hose

112. What is the maximum number of drainage fixture units that may be connected to a waste drainage systems horizontal branch stack pipe that is 6 inches in diameter?

A. 360 drainage fixture units
B. 400 drainage fixture units
C. 620 drainage fixture units
D. 1,400 drainage fixture units
E. 2,500 drainage fixture units

113. The minimum size supply pipe for a urinal, flush tank is _____ inch.

A. 3/8 inch
B. 1/2 inch
C. 3/4 inch
D. 1 inch

114. Where the vent stack connects to the building drain, the connection must be located _______________ the drainage stack and within a distance of 10 times the diameter of the drainage stack.

A. parallel to
B. upstream of
C. downstream of
D. perpendicular to

115. Cleanouts on 6-inch and smaller pipes must be provided with a clearance of not less than _________ for rodding from, and perpendicular to, the face of the opening to any obstruction. . Cleanouts on 8-inch and larger pipes must have a clearance of not less than ________ for rodding from, and perpendicular to, the face of the opening to any obstruction.

A. 6 inches, 18 inches
B. 12 inches, 18 inches
C. 18 inches, 36 inches
D. none of these
116. Liquid combustion byproducts of condensing appliances must be collected and discharged to ______________________________ or disposal area in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

A. an approved plumbing fixture
B. PVC discharge drain
C. Stainless steel waste pipe
D. air-lock trap

117. A 2 inch horizontal drain pipe running between floor joists travels a distance of 6 ft. before connecting to a vertical stack.
What is the minimum drop should this pipe have in the six foot horizontal length?

A. 1 inch
B. 1-1/2 inches
C. 2 inches
D. 2-1/4 inches

118. What are the total (hot and cold) water supply fixture units (wsfu) load value assigned in the International Plumbing Code for a private washing machine?

A. 2.7 water supply fixture units (wsfu)
B. 1.0 water supply fixture units (wsfu)
C. 2.4 water supply fixture units (wsfu)
D. 1.4 water supply fixture units (wsfu)

119. Unfired hot water storage tanks are required to be insulated to a value of _______.

A. R-6
B. R-11
C. R-12.5
D. R-18.5

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