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P1 Residential Plumbing Inspector

ICC Exam Outline Samples

Residential Plumbing Inspector - P1

60 multiple-choice questions

Open book: 2 - hour time limit
Content Area % of Total Reference
General Requirements 13% 2018 International Residential Code® (Soft Cover)
Permits 1% * any copyrighted, bound book may be used at a test site. Exam questions will only come from the listed approved references, and exam appeals may only be based on the listed approved references.
Determine when permits are required and issue permits.
Piping System Protection 3%
Inspect all piping systems to insure protection as required from corrosion, stress and strain, freezing, and physical damage.
Piping System Installation 3%
Inspect all piping systems for proper installation, support, sleeving, penetrations, and waterproofing of exterior openings.
Building Component Damage 3%
Inspect building components for damage due to installation of the plumbing systems.
Testing 3%
Verify that all required tests of installed piping systems are conducted.
Fixtures 8%
Locations and Required Fixtures 2%
Inspect for proper location and the minimum required fixtures.
Materials and Fixture Approvals 1%
Inspect for approved materials and fixture approvals.
Installation of Fixtures 2%
Inspect for proper installation of fixtures, waste receptors, appliances, and appurtenances, including clearances, access, and sealing.
Flow Rates and Temperatures 2%
Inspect for maximum and minimum flow rates and temperature control valves.
Installation of Faucets, Fixture Fittings, and Accessories 1%
Inspect for proper installation of faucets, fixture fittings, and accessories.
Water Heaters 12%
Use and Installation of Materials and Appliances 2%
Inspect for proper use and installation of materials and check for appliance approval.
Service and Distribution and Piping 3%
Inspect for clearances, locations, protection, pans, and seismic restraint.
Valving, Discharge Piping, and Thermal Expansion 4%
Inspect for required valving, T&P valve and discharge piping installation, thermal expansion requirements, and pipe sizing.
Fuel Gas Piping, Combustion Air, and Venting 3%
Inspect for proper sizing of fuel gas piping, combustion air requirements, and required venting.
Water Supply and Distribution 22%
Materials Joints and Connections 3%
Inspect for approved materials, joints, and connections.
Service and Distribution Piping 5%
Inspect the service and distribution piping for proper installation of cold and hot water delivery, identification, sizing, and valving.
Potable Water Supply and Protection 7%
Inspect the potable water supply and distribution piping for proper protection against contamination.
Nonpotable Water Supply and Protection 2%
Inspect the nonpotable water reuse distribution system for proper installation
Pressure and Volume 3%
Verify the minimum and maximum pressure and volume requirements.
Potable Water and Water Treatment 2%
Verify the requirements for potable water and installation of water treatment.
Sanitary Drainage 23%
Materials, Fittings, Joints, and Connections 4%
Inspect for approved materials and use of proper fittings, joints, and connections.
Building Drains, Sewers, Branches, and Stacks 8%
Inspect for proper sizing and installation of the building drain, building sewer, branches, and stacks.
Backwater Valves, Sumps, Ejectors, and Cleanouts 3%
Inspect for the proper installation of backwater valves, sumps, ejectors, and required cleanouts.
Traps 5%
Inspect for the correct type, size, design, location, and installation of traps.
Indirect Waste Systems 3%
Inspect indirect waste systems for air breaks or air gaps.
Vents 22%
Materials, Joints, Connections, and Grades 5%
Inspect for approved materials, joints, connections, and proper grades.
Sizing 6%
Inspect for the proper sizing of the venting system.
Requirements, Methods, and Installation 11%
Inspect for the minimum venting requirements, methods, and installation.